THE EROTIC COLLECTION: Celebrating the Art of Love THE EROTIC COLLECTION: Celebrating the Art of Love Roman Jug
This nonprofit gallery celebrates the beauty of God's greatest creation -- the human body -- and the glory of God's greatest gift -- the act of love -- in all its varieties. Because so many of these precious antiquities were destroyed under order of the Catholic Church/ Holy Roman Empire during the first half of the second millennium AD, and were more recently neglected or lost during the Victorian age, historic erotic art is considered among the rarest and most valuable of all artistic treasures.

We invite you to explore our collection. You may also contact us if you would like our curator to appraise/review your collection, if you would like to sell us your collection, if you seek permission to use our pieces in your book/research, or if you simply desire to share your thoughts and feedback with the staff of Please click here to read our new white paper, "The Art of Pornography", or click any of the linked historical locations to explore our collection.

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